Cold Brew Coffee – how to produce it?

Cold Brew Coffee – just cold coffee?

cold brew glass 01

Never heard about Cold Brew Coffee?

Interested in producing a Cold Brew Coffee at home?

Not aware about the difference of the Cold Drip Coffee and the Total Immersion Method?

No idea how the extraction works and what the difference between the various products on the market is?

These and other questions will be answered on this page!

Who thinks Cold Brew Coffee is just cold coffee might just go into one of these fancy coffee shops and order an Iced Coffee as well as a Cold Brew Coffee and compare them side by side.

Afterwards the result will be surprisingly straight forward: these are definitely two different drinks!

There are various methods and a variety of devices available on the market to extract a decent Cold Brew Coffee at home. The question remains: how to decide which method or device is the right one for you? We analyzed the different production systems available on the market and found quite some remarkable differences.

Cold Brew = Iced Coffee?

cold brew coffee glass 02Iced Coffee is the headline for the cold version of Espresso, Drip or French Press but all of them have two things in common: Brewed hot and cooled down afterwards.

The hot water extracts many of the essences of the coffee beans quite fast (seconds to minutes) thus it doesn’t take much time for preparation. The longer the hot water gets in contact with the ground coffee it extracts acids from it – some support the coffee taste and others are responsible for affecting a sensitive stomach.

In contrast to that Cold Brew Coffee uses cold water from the beginning. In comparison to hot water the cold water needs more time (several hours) to extract the taste of the coffee beans – but the essence can be stored in the fridge for almost 2 weeks. The less amount of extracted acids creates a quite unique taste which can be described as smooth and sweet, more round and less acidic compared to its hot brewed brothers.

Cold Brew technologies

cold brew coffee glass 03Once you took the decision to go for a Cold Brew Coffee the question is how to extract it? Following the ongoing public discussions there is not “the best” way to do it but there will be a best way for you to do it depending on your personal preferences.

To evaluate the advantages of each brewing method we come up with a detailed description of how each method works. Every product is described in detail followed by final comparison evaluating the winner of each group. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to use a French Press, Cold Dripper, a Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker or a simple jar with and integrated filter grid – within our tests you will find the right device for you:

Cold Drip

cold brew coffee glass 04Probably the most fancy way to extract a decent Cold Brew Coffee is to use a Cold Dripper. Compared to other methods Cold Drip Coffee is not so famous yet but getting more and more popular in the coffee scene which is always hunting for the latest coffee developments.

A Cold Dripper generally is a vertical built device with the water reservoir on top, the grinded coffee in the middle and a mug on the lower end. The coffee drips very slowly onto the coffee, takes out the taste while passing it and then drips into the mug under it. These devices look fancy and offer some options to influence the result – which are these and which devices are available can be taken form our Cold Drip test.

Total Immersion methods

cold brew coffee glass 05Total Immersion is the headline for all brewing technics in which the entire ground coffee gets in contact with the cold water for the entire brewing time. Several well known systems like a French Press can be used for this method. But there are also some on Cold Brew Coffee specialized concepts available which we want to compare  in our Total  Immersion test.

Cold Brew Coffee Grinder test

cold brew coffee glass 08To produce a real good tasting Cold Brew Coffee you will need fresh ground coarse coffee with a homogenous ground size. What sounds scientific on the first shot gets quite clear after a short explanation in our Cold Brew Coffee Grinder test.

Cold Brew Coffee health aspects

An often discussed topic beside coffee itself is its influence on our overall health. In such discussions buzzwords like acids, caffeine and oils are related to stomach, heart and teeth problems. The question is: Does Cold Brew Coffee has a different characteristic towards towards these health aspects than than traditional hot brewed coffee? We took a more detailed look at this questions in our Cold Brew Coffee Health segment.